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Learn German as a student at one of our language schools

You can attend courses with us if you are already a student. Are you enrolled at a college or university and want to refresh or deepen your language skills? Together we can provide you with German. Eloqua stands for an international name.

German courses for students at different levels

In the following you will find information on which lessons you can attend as a student. Foreign students are very welcome!

learn German: before or during your studies

The teaching of the German language is possible at any time. Be it before, during or after your studies. 

Preparatory German courses

You will attend the C1 course. This course is necessary if you want to start studying. The topic of every language course for students is grammar and vocabulary. The course contains a wide range of subject-specific topics.

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Our German courses at a glance

As a student, you've come to the right place. Every week, the levels A1 to C1 take place. We have two dates for this type of course:
Monday to Friday
5.30 pm to 7.00 pm & 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm

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Study-accompanying German courses for students

Eloqua Deutsch Abendkurse

Participation: You can choose the lessons. Whether you want to attend an intensive course to refresh your language skills or attend level C1, it does not matter.

You need information because you want to study in Germany? As an international student, you can obtain a certificate for language level C1 from us. At our language school you can learn German as a new foreign language. But you don't know at which institute you should learn your foreign language? Maybe you would like to enroll at a German college or university as a student applicant or would rather attend courses in groups?

The levels are based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages. They will be taught their knowledge in a small group to achieve a good learning effect. Most German students still want to learn a language. 

Learn German online! Online courses or online lessons are also an opportunity to acquire the German language when studying. You can learn German online from the comfort of your own home. No matter which course you will attend, you will meet different people and also international students.

Moving to Germany brings fundamental changes for many foreigners. It's like children who are enrolled in school. They are taught new learning content. This new learning environment is characterized by different expectations, which on the one hand emanate from the child and on the other hand are placed on the child.

You are in the same situation as a child who is enrolled in school. The language school is also unknown to you at the beginning, you do not know the participants who attend the German courses with you.

Deutsch Europa Flaggen Abendkurse

Nevertheless, you stand behind the mission: I want to learn German. Because: German is a beautiful language! This goal is easy to achieve if you have initiative and motivation. The children are curious and looking forward to the upcoming events. But there are also many children who have not yet experienced any preparation for school from home. It is now the task of the school or the teachers to differentiate and to treat all children equally. Especially the children, who are rather anxious and shy, must be given special attention from the beginning in order to be able to integrate them better into everyday school life.

Teachers feel the same way. All participants come to the language courses with a certain prior knowledge. You would like to learn German. As an institute, we want to help you take the C1 exam. A year of study in another country will be a challenge for you. That's why we at Eloqua want to support you in the language course to get to your destination quickly.The situation is different for participants with a migration background or participants who had to flee their home country. 

The teaching of the core competencies of reading and writing are the focus of the initial primary school lessons and a German course at a language school. Almost all students are highly motivated when they attend a course and want to learn the German language in the shortest possible time and acquire good knowledge of their core competencies.

Deutsch lernen in kleinen Gruppen Abendkurs

The best German courses for students

Learn German at the language school

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Die Eloqua-Methode

  • Erreichen Sie Ihr Ziel bis zu 20 % schneller als mit anderen Kursanbietern*
  • Maximaler Lernerfolg dank individueller Betreuung
  • Hochwirksames Multimedia-Training
  • Methodik des selbstgesteuerten und unabhängigen Lernens
  • Erstklassiges Lehrpersonal mit langjähriger Erfahrung

*Gilt für private Deutschkurse. Integrationskurse werden staatlich reglementiert.


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Frequently asked questions about learning German for students

Gibt es einen Test am Ende des Kurses für Studenten?
Yes, at the end of the course (after 12 weeks) the course participants will be registered for the exam. You will receive intensive preparation for the German language examination. And this at a fair price!
Welche Bücher werden für Studenten, die Deutsch lernen, empfohlen?
Do your research on the Internet. There you will find numerous books about studying in Germany. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our teacher, we will help you. Week after week you will learn something new with us! Our offer is also tailored to the C1 language level. Here you will quickly learn German.
Dürfen den Kurs nur Studenten besuchen?
No, this course is level C1. This course can be attended by anyone who can prove level B2. Students need to enroll in the university that level C1. Students learn in small groups. The lessons are interesting and individually designed.
Further information on the start of the preparatory German course can be found on our homepage.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or send an e-mail to the following address: [email protected].

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