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Would you like to learn a new foreign language and start a new chapter in your life? You find it difficult to learn a new language, but you want to learn German?

Our learning books are divided into lessons with different chapters. The chapters are clearly structured. With our online offer you have the opportunity to learn the German language in a playful way and you do not even have to go to a language school, but can work from the comfort of your own home. Discover! We will provide you with German quickly! 

Welcher Sprachkurs zum Deutsch lernen ist der richtige?

We offer these online course levels

With EloquaMUC you now have the following option:

Convenient and flexible from home! Also start with level A1! Made easy by online exercises! Learn the German vocabulary and spelling in no time!

Deutsch lernen in kleinen Gruppen Abendkurs

Maybe you have difficulties with grammar and do not know, for example, when the Futur I and when the Futur II is used? No problem! With us you learn German!

Einzelunterricht Deutsch

Our online learning opportunities are worthwhile!

  • Via video chat
  • easy German learn
  • flexible times
  • Simply test


  • Personal learning progress: You can see your progress.
  • Our German teachers will answer your questions about German grammar and spelling.
  • All exercises are structured according to a German course book and are based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • Through a summary via video chat, you are always informed about what we have learned during the week. There are a lot of exercises!
  • In the subject German, in addition to vocabulary and grammar, you will also learn many exercises in the areas of reading and methods of communication. We will do a lot of exercises! Don't be afraid to ask for information if you don't understand something! So you will soon understand the language!

A language can only be learned through a lot of practice. In our online courses you will not only find tasks and exercises, but also important facts about the German language and everyday life. Our exercises consist of German grammar and vocabulary, as well as the four areas of competence.

Stop by and visit our courses!

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Mit uns schnell und effizient Deutsch lernen!

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Every week, from levels A1 to C1. For this type of course we have two dates:
Monday to Friday
5.30 pm to 7.00 pm & 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm

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Das Eloqua-Prinzip

  • 20 % schneller ans Ziel als bei anderen Kursanbietern
  • Maximaler Lernerfolg durch individuelle Förderung
  • Hocheffektives multimediales Lernen
  • Selbstbestimmte und eigenständige Lernmethodik
  • Weltklasse Lehrpersonal mit großem Erfahrungsschatz

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