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Learning foreign languages made easy. Improve your German language skills in a short time! Lessons are planned individually. Thanks to our well-thought-out concept from Eloqua, your employees will soon improve or deepen their German language skills for work. Our prices are fair and inexpensive! Our language courses offer your employees the right opportunity to learn German. With us you plan right! 

We are the right company course for your company! We take care of the professional development of your participants! In just a few weeks, the language skills of your employees will improve significantly. 

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German company courses in-house or at the language school

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If you want to work in Germany, a good knowledge of German is indispensable and language training is unavoidable. Your employees have to go abroad with your company? To do this, however, you need an improvement in the German language for your employees. Do you want to improve the German of your employees? You are in good hands with our company course for companies. We offer you an extensive program to make your employees fit for the German. As an employer, you only want the best for your employees. With us you learn German! Simply inform us about the company course! Company courses are also possible online with us! Make use of our individual offers! 

Individual language courses for your employees

Our language courses also promote integration in your company. Our language courses are convincing! Our German language support also applies to trainees. Our teacher training brings you closer to the language every week. Professional, experienced language teachers teach their participants German. Your company can obtain information from us free of charge.With us you will quickly learn German. Our courses are the language goal-oriented. Our company courses are individually tailored to your company. Intercultural competences are very important and are also promoted in our courses. 

Our offer for German company courses

Our German courses are flexible and can be cancelled quickly! Find the right language course for your company or company. We are characterized by a good communication culture and support. Our language lessons are tailored to you. Learning a new language also means having to work hard. Attending a language course after work requires a lot of self-motivation. Your company concept is tailored to your requirements. Get active! 

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Industry-specific language courses

Our company courses are tailored exactly to your industry of your company. Contact us and find out in which company you work. We adapt our language courses to your employees. Arrange a free trial lesson with us. Active speaking of a language is very important, and is a large part of our learning concept. Lessons are planned individually. Your foreign employees will be delighted with our course offerings. We prefer to work in small groups, with few people. Language training is definitely a worthwhile investment.

You have the opportunity to support your employees in learning German and to integrate them better. Through increased speaking, the communication of the language is promoted.It is important to speak the language to be learned yourself. We are happy to help you! We will support you in the acquisition of the German language. If you have individual needs, just contact us! We will be happy to help you. The many years of experience of our teachers make a good cooperation possible.You will receive an education from a perfectly functioning team. Our goal is to raise their level. The company courses are tailored to your needs. 

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If you are interested, please contact us for an individual offer. We also offer placement tests! In a short time you will see progress!


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Die Eloqua-Methode

  • Erreichen Sie Ihr Ziel bis zu 20 % schneller als mit anderen Kursanbietern*
  • Maximaler Lernerfolg dank individueller Betreuung
  • Hochwirksames Multimedia-Training
  • Methodik des selbstgesteuerten und unabhängigen Lernens
  • Erstklassiges Lehrpersonal mit langjähriger Erfahrung

*Gilt für private Deutschkurse. Integrationskurse werden staatlich reglementiert.

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Frequently asked questions about German courses for companies

Für wen eignet sich die Teilnahme an einem betrieblichen Deutschkurs?

Conducting negotiations in a foreign language is a demanding challenge.This course is suitable for participants who want to improve or deepen their German. Your company is in good hands with our language course. Learning foreign languages made easy! The course is based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages. We teach in small groups in order to achieve a good learning effect in your company or company.Your employees need to learn the language in order to communicate confidently and confidently in their everyday professional lives.

Wie lange dauert der Kurs in der Firma?

The course takes place every week from Monday to Friday. Do you have long working hours? Talk to us and make an appointment. We are guided by your wishes. Our prices are inexpensive. Find out more about our offers online. Our course offers can be optimally adapted. Together with you, we put together a course program.

Können auch einzelne Mitarbeiter individuell gefördert werden?

Our open and trained teachers will teach you the language well. We will make an appointment with you. We will discuss our offers with you. As an employer, you are responsible for your employees and we feel responsible for you. The integration in our courses is promoted by a trained specialist. Your people will be able to act internationally after our language course. A training round off the in-house courses optimally. You can only benefit from our in-house language courses. A placement test of your employees would also be worth considering. Make use of our course offerings. No matter from which country your participants come: we will support you! With our program, a good learning success is inevitable. Come to our personal consultation. Your company or business will benefit from us. Choose the right course for your employees.  We teach a few people. The groups are kept small. Promote your German in the workplace! You will learn German for the profession.The participants work with teaching materials specially tailored to everyday business.Choose one of our course options. If necessary, we are happy to support you. 

Get active today and get in touch with us. We offer you a free and detailed consultation. Our job-related language support takes you one step further! For further information about our company courses, please contact us by phone or send us an e-mail to the following address: [email protected].

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