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Would you like to learn the German language and want to visit a language school in the evening? Are you a beginner? With us you will learn a lot! Just visit our German courses! With us in the course you will learn German! Week after week we bring you a little closer to the German language! Whether you are level A1 (beginner), B1 (advanced) or C1 (professional), we offer courses for every level .

The courses take place every week, from Monday to Friday. Contact us and sign up for a free trial lesson!

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Our evening courses in German at a glance

For evening courses German, you have come to the right place. Every week, from levels A1 to C1. We have two dates for this type of course:
Monday to Friday
5.30 pm to 7.00 pm & 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm

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Evening school at the language school

Deutschland Sehenswuerdigkeiten

When German speak, vocabulary on a wide variety of topics accumulates over time. Most of the time, they are formulaic expressions that are imprinted by theme or rather isolated. It is important to deepen, expand and differentiate the vocabulary. The course participants should understand the vocabulary in context and use it correctly and speak correctly German.

Working with vocabulary is more than just learning vocabulary. For example, should the word "borrow" immediately refer to the word "layman"? Or is it too complicated? And if so, how to introduce the word?

It is difficult for the teacher to introduce new or similar-sounding words. You should also make sure that the course participants do not cramming too much vocabulary at once. Otherwise, it could happen that the learners get confused and memorize the wrong vocabulary.

Everywhere you hear that German don't have a nice sound and the grammar is very difficult. So why should you get German? There are many reasons to do this. If you want to learn German, you have the opportunity to improve your professional opportunities at home and abroad. Within Europe, German is the most widely spoken language, alongside English and French. German also means getting to know a wide-ranging cultural heritage. German learn because of the exciting past. The Germanic language, the pioneer of German, used to be used to translate sacred texts. In addition, German consisted of many dialects. In order to learn German today, however, we no longer need this knowledge. German began to develop in the Middle Ages. Its predecessors include Old High German, Middle High German and New High German. 

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German means learning one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe. German as a foreign language is not only spoken in Germany, but also in Austria or Luxembourg. Acquiring German therefore means visiting the various EU countries and being able to work there. In Germany, there is a wide range of universities where you can study. There are the classical universities, the universities of applied sciences, the arts, film and music academies and the private colleges. In addition, most universities have partner universities abroad.

In summary, it can be said that vocabulary teaching in the German speak is a very responsible task in which writing and reading skills play a decisive role.In the evening course, the teacher should attach great importance to a correct pronunciation. This is particularly important in the initial courses of a language lesson or language course. Of course, it is also of great importance that the participants have fun in the lessons.

Deutsch lernen in kleinen Gruppen Abendkurs

Courses in small groups with fixed dates

We at Eloqua are represented in 9 different cities. Including in Berlin. We hold our lessons in small groups to achieve a better learning effect. For our German courses, there are two fixed dates for each level (A1 to C1). The language course takes place every week.

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  • Maximaler Lernerfolg durch individuelle Förderung
  • Hocheffektives multimediales Lernen
  • Selbstbestimmte und eigenständige Lernmethodik
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Frequently asked questions about learning German in evening courses

Für wen lohnt sich ein Deutschkurs am Abend?
The German course in the evening is worthwhile for the participants who work until the evening and only have time to learn after 5 pm. Evening courses are suitable here. We offer all levels (A1 to C1), including intensive courses. Our teaching units are clearly structured. This type of course is based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages. You will learn German vocabulary and grammar. Due to our small number of participants, the teachers can concentrate better on the learners and it will be easier to learn German more effectively.
Kann der Deutsch Abendkurs auch online absolviert werden?
Yes, the German evening course can also be completed online. With our Blink Learning program and Zoom this is no problem. The course takes place twice a week.
Wie erfolgt die Anmeldung zum Deutsch Abendkurs?
Participants register via the homepage.
Wie unterscheidet sich der Deutsch-Abendkurs von anderen Kursen?
The German evening course is no different from the other courses offered. The only thing that differs is that the courses take place in the evening. 
The evening courses take place Monday to Friday from 5.30 pm to 7 pm and from 7.30 pm to 9 pm.
Gibt es Hausaufgaben beim Deutsch Abendunterricht?
Yes, there is homework in German lessons. Through the Blink Learning program, the teacher sends homework to participants every week. In addition, there is additional material available, such as the weekly video summaries or worksheets with corresponding solutions.
For more information, please contact us by phone or send an e-mail to the following address: .img

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